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Welcome to Maria Galante's design, graphics, handlettering, photography, bookmaking, and creativity!

Most of the examples of work are either industry, freelance or personal projects.

What's Offered

Some recent projects completed for valuable clients

Graphic Design

Original concepts are presented to appeal to a targeted audience while visually communicating a specific message. Using a creative brief, brainstorming techniques, and research all help to begin the process to sketch out ideas.

Web Design

Web pages are created with the user in mind fufilling their needs and the purpose of the company. Interfaces function for maximimum usability across devices while being accessible for user experience satisfaction.


Using shape, form and letters, original type is created. Hand-lettering using traditional Brause pen nibs and a variety of instruments create original, crafted pieces.


Composition techniques are blended with advanced Photoshop approaches to create unique images. Conceptual, portrait, narrative and product photography are created digitally using traditional photographic principles.

Bookmaking and Art

Traditional, pop-up and conceptual books unite design and engineering. Pastel drawing, charcoal and printmaking are all other forms of art.


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Recent Works

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