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Design professional with extensive industry experience and knowledge of educating students.



Graphic Design Original concepts are presented to appeal to a targeted audience while visually communicating a specific message. Using a creative brief, brainstorming techniques, and research help to begin the process to sketch out ideas.

Typography and Calligraphy Using shape, form and letters, original type is created. Hand-lettering using traditional Brause pen nibs and a variety of instruments to create original, crafted pieces.

Bookmaking and Visual Art Traditional, pop-up and conceptual books unite design and engineering. Pastel drawing, charcoal and printmaking are other forms of my art making .

Photography Composition techniques are blended with advanced Photoshop approaches to create unique images. Conceptual, portrait, narrative and product photography are created digitally using traditional photographic principles.


I teach visual communications to college students while freelancing design to clients and volunteer design to worthy organizations. Students are introduced to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of type, image, form and color while using Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Visual Communication 100%
Creative Problem Solving 90%
pedagogy 85%
Adobe Creative Cloud 90%
User Experience and User Interface 80%
freelance 75%


I freelance, in addition to teaching, designing logos, interactive media and printed materials. I have many years of full-time experience as an art director and senior graphic designer working in the Internet and financial services industries.


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Maria Galante

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